ARCHITECTINITALY brings together a group of businesses with whom it collaborates, for several years they have completed numerous projects, working specifically in building renovation in Italy and restoration sector, as well as completing installations, and they make use of highly specialized and trained labor.

  • The different needs of the clients during the process of property renovation determine the following choice of which firm to use. During the process of buying property in Italy or selling property , small or medium sized renovations will be entrusted to specialized, artisanal businesses, or to small businesses, working within Italy; the more complex and demanding works will be undertaken by structured businesses equipped with the necessary certifications.
  • Security on the construction site remains a primary objective for the choice of businesses and for the technical staff of these businesses, who must always be up-to-date and trained with the applicable regulations.
  • All of our businesses, from the smallest to the most structured, take refresher technical courses and are able to propose some of the most advanced technological and expert solutions.
  • Our businesses, thanks to their experience, have the technical ability to resolve common and non-common problems encountered during renovations, often offering quick and economically advantageous solutions. In addition, with positive outcomes, they are able to interact with and resolve the most common problems that can come up during the renovation, and that may involve other figures (ex. Condominiums, neighbors, companies that provide electricity, gas, water, etc.)

Property Renovation Work:

Excavation, Structural works, foundations and counter foundations in reinforced cement, pillars, slabs, iron work, prestressed cement slabs, flooring system slabs, ventilated walls, crawl spaces, coupolex (aerated flooring)...

Works of conservation and restoration:

Reinforce walls and load-bearing structures with the nip/tuck method, rehabilitation of wooden beams...

Works of conservation and restoration on pictorial works:

Dry cleaning of surface paintings, preliminary removal of soot and solid particulate...


Decorations, moulding, antique effect veil, frills, awnings, awnings with gold accent, reframing, rosettes, new frescos even with modern designs proposed by the client.


Electrical, civil, and industrial installations, switchboard cabling, photovoltaic installations, LED lighting, home automation installation, automation and security, fire alarms, CCTV video surveillance installation...

External works on edifices:

Scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, trucks, area cells, baskets, plaster removal by pick-axe, creating openings in pre-existing walls...