Italy’s artistic and cultural legacy, breathtaking scenery, and delectable wine and cuisine, have been luring huge numbers of visitors and tourists ever since the legendary Grand Tour.

Il bel paese, one of the most desired and sought-after tourist attractions in the world, is a destination that will, no doubt, go on being a significant location for commercial real estate investments. Indeed, its yearly 50+ million tourists make Italy an ideal place to set up a commercial real estate enterprise, especially one focused on providing lodging and recreation.

The truth? Foreign investors who buy a suitable property, then furnish and decorate it to meet the needs of tourists, are guaranteed to make a profit.

But, what type of property should one select and buy? The answer is quite straightforward: holiday homes, hotels, farms, bed and breakfasts, and the so-called agriturismi (farm holiday dwellings) are all excellent investment opportunities. But all these wonderful properties need to be decorated and furnished to satisfy potential customers’ expectations, and many also require renovating or restoring. All in all, purchasing the asset may be easy, but prepping and outfitting it can be time-consuming, complex and exhausting.

It goes without saying that a business property in Italy must be attractive and captivating, since one travels to Italy expecting beauty and charisma. The key to achieving allure lies in upgrading and refurbishing the commercial real estate property to perfection, but doing this on one’s own might be intimidating for an international investor who doesn’t know the local market well and, potentially, is not perfectly fluent in Italian. Also, residing abroad and traveling back and forth, makes for trying schedules when one needs to hire contractors, interact with potential suppliers, or select the most stylish textiles, fabrics, or bathroom tiles.


How to obtain a fabulous result? All you have to do is select a style that suits the surroundings and environment, and delights and enchants prospective clients by providing an exquisite venue. A creative owner will want to emphasize the property's inherent rustic simplicity or improve the fashion to a more modern and city-style look, depending on where it is situated or what kind of venue it will house.

Regardless of the style you pick, we do recommend implementing it with Made in Italy textiles, brands and furnishings. This because Italian manufacturing companies produce exceptionally crafted textiles, artisan-created items that are at once flawless and beautiful to look at, and wonderfully represent Italy's distinct flair and elegance. 

So, how can you find reliable suppliers in Italy, and know you're choosing the right facilities, furnishings, and creating the best look for your commercial property? 

Our expert team is here to assist! 

Dependable, resourceful and highly qualified, our professionals speak fluent English and offer extensive skills in all areas related to the business of commercial property finding, buying, decorating, and refurbishing. Committed to our clients’ satisfaction, we provide comprehensive services aimed at delivering superbly outfitted commercial properties that are bound to be a success.


About our services

We support and facilitate the whole process of renovation and deliver all types of services in terms of furnishing, implementing, and decorating, thanks to our staff of experienced specialists and a large network of highly competent partners who work closely together.

Keeping in mind the cultural aspects of every property, we offer advice on interior design, suggestions for greater energy efficiency, and share our ideas on innovative, inventive methods. Expertise allows us to propose customized Made in Italy furnishings and premium quality materials. 

Aiming to facilitate our clients’ daily endeavors and avoid their need to take exhausting trips, we provide online furniture and decor catalogs and cutting-edge software that allows viewing and remarking on the ideas we present, hence guaranteeing each proprietor actively takes part in the renovation process.

Our best asset? Being able to provide you with full professional services thanks to a far-reaching crew that comprises lawyers, real estate agents, accountants, architects, designers, and surveyors. With extensive experience, expertise, and knowledge of property investments, our staff leads investors through the many stages of finding, remodeling, furnishing, and decorating commercial buildings in Italy.

Specifically, we aid investors from abroad:

  • sharing our knowledge about the real estate market and assisting them in finding the perfect property for investment;
  • examining the property and related documentation;
  • drafting proposals, dealing and negotiating with the acquisition offer;
  • delivering all building, refurbishing, and furnishing services;
  • providing online catalogs for inspiration, and options for customized high-quality furnishings or designs;
  • supplying ingenious graphics and visuals of how the interior looks through cutting-edge custom software;
  • delivering selected, Made in Italy and artisan-crafted materials of choice;
  • providing reliable services and support through every process, from selecting the property to its management and restoration.


Furthermore, it will be our pleasure to help our clients when the property reaches the market by:

  • giving expert guidance on establishing a brand;
  • producing content related to the property;
  • promoting and publicizing the property on the major networks (such as,,;
  • publicizing and promoting the property using exclusive channels.

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