Choosing to purchase property in Italy, or deciding to sell one’s asset, are momentous decisions that call for attentive examination. Both transactions may end up being challenging for foreigners, often unfamiliar with the local property market, and the language barrier can hinder attempts to source options, find a reliable real estate agent and close a successful deal. 

Plus, Italy’s variety of properties for sale, and its complex legal and bureaucratic system make for a somewhat baffling array of issues to analyze. How to get by? Relying on the help and support provided by a dependable team of expert English-speaking on-site advisors and consultants. 

Local insight on the real estate market, professional expertise and in-depth knowledge of Italian legislation and taxation regimes are essential for foreign investors seeking fruitful property-related deals. 

Architect in Italy is here to help! Comprising real estate agents, lawyers, accountants, architects and surveyors, our team efficiently guides foreign buyers and vendors through the real estate maze, helping them familiarize with the manifold perks of the Italian real estate scenario and expediting all proceedings that lead to the purchase or sale of a home.

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