Real estate agency in Tuscany specialized in the management of rental properties, the execution of sales and reconstructions in Florence and its surroundings.

Florencehouse is dedicated to sales services, reconstruction and management but it also offers its customers the Full Service option, which guarantees support in every single step of the real estate investment.

Florencehouse manages each of the step related to the purchase, renovation and introduction of the property to the tourist network, and it offers the full disposal of the company’s consultants and professionals.

The goal is to ensure a maximum profit for the investment of each client and to guarantee the highest level of transparency and professionalism.


One of the most important sectors of Italy's economy is real estate, which includes both short-term rentals and durable investments. People come from all over the world to visit the country and invest in it, as it has a rich history. On the other hand, the domestic market has its advantages, and maintaining real estate assets in Italy can be difficult and confusing for a non-resident unfamiliar with the domestic property market. Why not consider a single network that takes care of everything?

Our team of highly qualified English-speaking professionals - lawyers expert in property law, appraisers, managers, architects, and financial analysts and consultants - takes care of your property efficiently, guaranteeing a profit-making investment! Offering comprehensive, highly competent services in all aspects of property management, extensive expertise, qualified know-how, resourceful insight, and in-depth knowledge of Tuscany we ensure profitable transactions and flawless proceedings 


About our services

Our working practices? Strictly customized, based on each client’s specific needs and wishes. In detail, the assistance and services are charged on a percentage basis either via the assignment of a mandate, and consequent percentage on revenue or via a lease contract that provides for all-round monitoring by our company.

Committed to your success our experienced crew of proficient experts aids and expedites all procedures related to property purchase and management. To ensure our clients enjoy a fruitful outcome and build a lucrative venture we provide trustworthy reporting services in perfect English, and assist with:

  • Furnishing and decorating 
  • Advertising 
  • Property registration with the relevant authorities
  • Negotiating and drawing up rental contracts
  • Payment management 
  • Tax advice and support 
  • Income statements 
  • Management and hospitality of property.
  • Security system installation and their security

This service is provided by FlorenceHouse, company specialized in luxury real estate management. Thanks to our professionals and their proven long-term experience in the sphere of short and long-term rentals and real estate consultancy, the company is able to offer its customers highly qualified services specifically focused at the administration of luxury estates.