People come from all over the world to visit and live in Italy because of its hundreds of years of rich heritage, eminent culture, beautiful nature, and delectable cuisine. Finding the perfect home in Italy may not be so hard, but the journey of changing it from a house to home always includes decorating and refurbishing the space to one's needs and preferences. 

Whether a property is bought for oneself, or to be rented, it must be furnished and decorated to meet specific requirements and desires: those of one’s family in the first, those of a target audience in the second. A foreign proprietor who resides abroad may have a hard time finding reliable suppliers and knowing where to look for the best furnishings, equipment ansd supplies. 

Supplying a wide range of services comprising, but not limited to, property document examination, site surveys, legal services at the time of purchase, refurbishment, decorating, and subsequent property management, our expert team facilitates all types of renovations and refurbishments, guaranteeing our clients swiftly obtain postcard-perfect ready-to-operate   properties.

Our highly qualified team of specialists and vast network of dependable and loyal partners allows us to cover all the following aspects of a property's interior design:

  •  Technical assistance and advice on real estate unit.
  •  Review of technical documentation.
  •  Energy saving proposals.
  • Plans and organization for sanitary conditions.
  • Internal space allocation.
  • Attentive personalized approach.
  • Flawless tasteful design down to the tiniest detail.


To make it easier for our international customers, we provide complete online furniture catalogs and ideas for design and state-of-the-art software allowing them to avoid unnecessary travel. Committed to supplying beautiful, elegant solutions, we share our knowledge of local premium artisans and designers specialized in custom-made furniture. 

Well aware that each client is unique, and each home has its very own personality, we provide personalized service focused on a one-of-a-kind approach that is, at once, efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and everlasting: we get far more work completed on time. 

Furthermore, we make sure our clients can track and actively participate in every stage of the procedure.


We work with reputable professionals, use fine quality elements and the best locally made products: Their internationally recognized qualities represent our country in the best way and bear witness to its inherent elegance. Above all, we provide our clients with the finest selection of "Made in Italy" brands and products, aiming to offer them the best example of quintessential Italian lifestyle and quality, and guarantee excellence. 


About our services

Years of experience, resourcefulness, and skill enable our team to assist interested parties in locating the best real estate choices available in Italy, purchasing the property of their choice, and then renovating and refurbishing it all to excellence. 

The following is a detailed description of how we can assist and support foreign investors:

  • Providing them with the information they need to become acquainted with the local property market, source a property management company, and locate the perfect property.
  • Examining the real estate asset and the relevant documents thoroughly.
  • Preparing an initial offer, begin negotiations, and make sure the deal closes in our client's best interest.
  • Assisting our clients with all kinds of building projects, refurbishment, or interior design projects.
  • Providing a list of ideas for design and multiple options for high quality, custom-crafted furniture.
  • Assisting in the creation of interior visualizations using specialized, cutting-edge software.
  • Offering premium quality products and brands "Made in Italy"

In conclusion, from real estate selection to refurbishment and management, what we deliver is always proficient, dependable, seamless and truly refined.

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