ARCHITECTINITALY is a pool of comprehensive professional experts in the sector of real estate investments in Italy.

As a real estate consultants in Italy and thanks to a staff that includes architects, building entrepreneurs, interior designers, accountants, lawyers and businessmen in the hospitality sector in its ranks, ARCHITECTINITALY is able to supply a specific consultation on real estate investments in Italy.


The first steps that our real estate development consulting firm recommends to a foreign investor that is preparing to buy one or more pieces of real estate in Italy are the following:

  • Technical/legal Due Diligence – our staff of businessmen and surveyors will carry out the necessary verifications to highlight any technical or legal findings on the selected property.
  • Prearranged pricing for possible renovation/modification work and advice on the interior design that will be tailored to the earnings predicted by the client.
  • Study of the market rental charge for the tourist location with the goal of drawing up a three-year Business Plan to evaluate the rate of return on the investment with the client.
  • Study of the costs of setting up the operation – renovation costs, taxation costs,buying property in Italy taxes, costs of creating a supporting business in Italy.